Workshop Description

Bytecode, such as produced by e.g. Java and .NET compilers, has become an important topic of interest, both for industry and academia. The industrial interest stems from the fact that bytecode is typically used for Internet and mobile devices (smart-cards, phones, etc.) applications, where security is a major issue. Moreover, bytecode is device-independent and allows dynamic loading of classes, which provides an extra challenge for the application of formal methods. In addition, the unstructuredness of the code and the pervasive presence of the operand stack also provide extra challenges for the analysis of bytecode. This workshop will focus on theoretical and practical aspects of semantics, verification, analysis, certification and transformation of bytecode.

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09:00 Invited Speaker: Francesco Logozzo (Microsoft Research, USA)
Language-agnostic Contract specification and checking with CodeContracts and Clousot
10:00 Jacek Chrzqszcz, Patryk Czarnik and Aleksy Schubert (The University of Warsaw, Poland)
A dozen instructions make Java bytecode
10:30 coffee break
11:00 Invited Speaker: Mark Marron (IMDEA Software, Spain)
Spec-tacular: heap assertions for .net bytecode
12:00 Jaroslav Bauml and Premek Brada (University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Reconstruction of Type Information from Java Bytecode for Component Compatibility
12:30 lunch
14:00 Invited Speaker: Matthew Parkinson (University of Cambridge, UK)
The design of jStar
15:00 Philippe Wang, Adrien Jonquet and Emmanuel Chailloux (LIP6-UPMC, France)
Non Intrusive Structural Coverage for Objective Caml
15:30 Jevgeni Kabanov (Tartu University, Estonia)
JRebel Tool Demo
16:00 coffee break
16:30 Invited Speaker: Fausto Spoto (University of Verona, Italy)
Static Analysis of Java: from the Julia Perspective
17:30 Michael Eichberg and Andreas Sewe (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Encoding the Java Virtual Machine's Instruction Set

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
  • December 14, 2009
  • Paper submission deadline:
  • December 21, 2009
  • Author notification:
  • January 22, 2010
  • Camera-ready paper versions due:
  • February 19, 2010

    Call For Papers



    Paper should be submitted through the easy chair page.

    Program Committee

    • David Aspinall, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Stephen Chong, Harvard University, USA
    • Alessandro Coglio, Kestrel Institute, USA
    • Pierre Crégut, Orange Labs, France Télécom, France
    • Samir Genaim, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
    • Bart Jacobs, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    • Gerwin Klein, University of New South Wales, Australia
    • Victor Kuncak, EPFL, Switzerland
    • Patrick Lam, University of Waterloo, Canada
    • Francesco Logozzo, Microsoft Research, USA
    • Matthew Parkinson, University of Cambridge, UK
    • David Pichardie (chair), INRIA Rennes, France
    • Rene Rydhof Hansen, Aalborg University, Denmark
    • Fausto Spoto, University of Verona, Italy